Parrot Cove Defenses and Travel Rules

While in the case of for-fun raids and general rp they might be overlooked, these are the actual rules that govern travel to and within Parrot Cove. If you come to our shores with intent to do harm and you do not know them, no quarter will be given. No excuses will be accepted. If you can't scout the battlefield and prepare for combat, you don't deserve to survive the battle.

Map of Parrot Cove

Map of Parrot Cove for iPhones and iPads

Parrot Cove is a hidden cove on the mainland, somewhere north of Schendi and south of the equator. While it isn't as supposedly secret a location as Treve, it also isn't on every Gorean cruise ship's itinerary either; and if you come to The Cove intent on harm, you do have to have some sort of reasonable explanation for finding it.

Basically Parrot Cove can be approached by either land, sea, or air. If approaching by sea or air, approach can be made directly into The Cove. However, The Cove is not near any roads, settlements or towns, and is surrounded on all sides but the west by pasangs and pasangs of featureless jungle. So if you approach by land, you must show some reasonable roleplay of finding The Cove and getting to it over land.

Once transitioned into the Cove you must also then contend with the guard towers that are stationed along the stockade that surrounds the compound and are constantly manned by lookouts and archers. You may attack them by using the "in the jungles beyond Parrot Cove" pulldown.

It is not possible to breech the defenses of Parrot Cove in any room but Parrot Cove.

If you are approaching Parrot Cove by air, then you must contend with the tarnwire that is strung overhead of The Cove and covers all areas inside the fenced compound. There is no way to land a tarn inside the compound without either breeching the tarnwire, or having it lowered.

If you are approaching by sea, you must contend with the guard towers that flank either side of mouth of The Cove, the catapults on Kinja, and the seagate.

The seagate is in actuality two floating bundles of massive chained-together jungle hardwood tree trunks. Each bundle when the gate is opened floats alongside the north or south entrance, respectively, of The Cove. In the event of war or the sighting of unfriendly craft, chains pulled by windlasses on the opposing shores pull the respective ends of the gate across the mouth of The Cove, effectively blocking any ship from entry.

That means any ship under any conditions. The gate sections are heavy enough that any tarnship attempting to ram a section of the gate would get its ram caught in the hardwood of the gate and be cut to pieces by the towers and catapults on shore.

And the mouth of The Cove is narrow enough that only one ship at a time would be able to attack either section of the gate.

Bottom line: If the seagate is closed, you're not sailing a ship into Parrot Cove.

Since closing the gate is a time and labor-consuming process, and blocks ships from leaving The Cove as well as from entering it, in most cases the seagate is open. However it cannot be assumed that it is. Current status of the seagate is:


Note that swimming in the waters of Parrot Cove at any time for any reason is not an option. The Cove is shark infested, and any appendage you put into its waters is going to be eaten.

If the seagate is closed and you have come to The Cove by sea, You may anchor beyond the gate and come through the gate on a longboat.

Basically, travel once in The Cove is simply one action per pulldown, with the map as the sole authority on judging if you traveled through the right series of pd's to reach your destination. As example, if you are approaching The Cove by sea intent on The Gull Reef Club, your travel sequence will be: On gleaming Thassa; at the seagates; onboard a ship on The Cove; at the docks; in the Gull Reef Club.

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