Rules of Parrot Cove

Tai Phoon is the room owner of Parrot Cove and his judgments are final on all matters such as combat, death, capture, escape, or any other roleplay in Parrot cove.

Unless noted otherwise here, all Imaginechat rules apply in Parrot Cove.

Defenses of Parrot Cove and Parrot Cove travel rules can be found here.

If you enter Parrot Cove anonymously, whether or not you are allowed to stay is entirely dependent on the members of Parrot Cove. You may be allowed to stay, you may be asked to leave and then booted if you don't, or you may be booted with no warning.

Parrot Cove is a full Kill/Collar/Capture Zone.

Parrot Cove is a mirror zone. Meaning that if we can't do it in your home, you can't do it here.

Parrot Cove welcomes raids. Rules for raiding Parrot Cove can be found here.

Prodigy is the combat method of choice in Parrot Cove.

All judgments in Parrot Cove will be rendered by Tai Phoon, unless he was involved in the event that needs judging. If he was, then a third party judge of his choosing will be selected.

Wandering 'uncollared slaves' are free for the taking of any man of Parrot Cove. However, it is not our duty to collar you, or even to roleplay with you. Catching the eye and interest of a man of The Cove is your problem, not ours.

If you're a slave in someone's collar, get their permission before you enter here.

In the beginning, free women weren't allowed in Parrot Cove at all. That has changed over the years, but this still isn't the safest of places for you if you are a free woman. You won't be collared on entry. But you'd better have a good reason to be here. And you'd better be aware that if any man of The Cove decides he wants to own you, there's not a lot to stop him from doing so.

Assassins are not welcome in Parrot Cove. However, 'not welcome' does not necessarily mean they can't come into Parrot Cove, or that they can't attempt to do their work here. Not welcome means that Tai Phoon has no love for their caste. If you're an assassin attempting to enter Parrot Cove, the rules are as follows: It's hot in Parrot Cove; too hot for any man to comfortably wear a hood. Therefore, any man wearing a hood will be required to remove it as soon as he steps onto the docks. Meaning that if you come here, and if you are marked, you must say so.

If you're a panther, it's not too likely you're going to be south of the equator, so it's not too likely you'd ever be in Parrot Cove. If you're a taluna, then you're in the neighborhood and it's possible you could get in, and if you have business, we might even deal with you.

Or we might decide to keep you.

Gender bending, dualling, and secondary characters are not allowed in Parrot Cove.

Any man acting in a slavelike manner in Parrot Cove will be killed.

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