Parrot Cove Raiding Rules

Raids are defined in Parrot Cove as attacks of military type forces into The Cove for the purpose of combat, theft (looting), retaliation, destruction of property, kidnap, and recovery. However, raids are also described first and foremost and above all as for the purpose of fun.

With that in mind, and with the exception of the rule regarding captives, these rules are guidelines to follow; not chiseled-in-stone tablets descended from on high, and not legal treatises over which to be nitpicked by Lawyers of Gor.

All raids are by nature chaotic, and the best outcome to any raid is not to have it judged, but for the combatants to see the outcome at the time of the raid in the same manner. However if that is not the case, and judgment must be rendered, judgment of raids in Parrot Cove will be rendered by Tai Phoon according to these rules. (And yes, even if He was involved, since there can be no question in a raid of permanent loss of liberty, property, mobility or life.)

General Rules

Any captives taken from raids on Parrot Cove will be returned or ransomed back to Parrot Cove within 1 week. After that week the captives are free to return to Parrot Cove regardless of whatever roleplay has or hasn't gone on up to that point. Likewise, any captives we gain from raiding will be ransomed or given back to their home after 1 week, or they may leave under the same terms. The only exceptions will be if all parties involved agree to a longer period of time.

Raiding Parrot Cove means you agree to these terms.

Naturally there are two groups in a raid: the Raiders and the Defenders.

Raiders need to understand the nature of The Cove: its geographical location; its structures and defenses, etc. Any Raiders who do not know their way around The Cove and have not done their proper scouting will probably not be very successful as it isn't our job to help them find whatever they seek. Mostly it's our job to give them a good solid ass-kicking.

During a raid combat will be by Prodigy Combat Rules.

Raids will last a maximum of 60 minutes from the timestamp of the first person with "Raider" in their tags entering The Cove.

No raiding of The Cove is permitted during any "occasion" such as a celebration, or the unfortunate event of an FCing or pyre or similar time of mourning.

Two male members of Parrot Cove must be present in order to raid Parrot Cove.

It should be understood by both Raiders and Defenders that Raids are naturally chaotic. Missed posts and actions will occur. Simply do your best to honor all posts. No less is expected, no more is possible.

Rules for Raiders

The Raiders need to have a leader, and the leader's home is the home responsible for the raid. If You don't have a recognized Gorean home, You can't lead a raid on Parrot Cove. Beyond the Raid Leader, however, Raiders may be whomever the leader can find who is dumb en adventurous enough to come and take a shot at The Cove.

All Raiders will wear "Raider" visibly in their tags, preferably in red. No black font, no dark grey font, and no tiny font. Intent must be clear. It's possible members of a raiding party may be in The Cove as part of a subterfuge prior to an actual raid taking place, but at the moment of commencement of the raid, they must change their tags to reflect that they are part of the raiding force.

All Raiders must post in The Cove as Raiders within ten minutes of the timestamp of the first Raiders' post. Any late-coming Raiders may not take any part in the festivities.

There have to be two Male members of The Cove in The Cove before You can raid The Cove.

If your women fight better then you do and you want to bring them along to fight feel free. We'll enjoy using them after we've won.

At the end of the raid, the Raid Leader will decide if any Raiders have been captured; this assuming honor and good intentions on both sides. In the event of disputes, the final say will be with Tai Phoon, but if you're a rule lawyer and think it will come to that, please just save us all the headaches and raid elsewhere.

The Raid Leader ends the raid with a call to retreat, unless an hour has elapsed and the raid is ended by the clock.

At the call to retreat, Raiders should break off combat and realistically retreat from The Cove. Depending on where You are, this could be as simple as jumping on Your tarn and flying off, or as complex as getting out of the jungle, back to the compound, onto Your ship and out the seagates.

The idea is realism and of course if a Raider has been captured, he doesn't get to leave.

Rules for Defenders

All male members of The Cove must defend their Homestone during attack. Further, since all staying at The Cove are guests, it's understood that they are in most cases expected to join in the defense as well. However it is up to them, and they need to state their intentions at the start of hostilities.

The leader of The Cove Defenders is responsible for determining if any captures were made. Again raids are for fun, and if someone is captured that means we get to raid to get them back, so the idea--while not to just hand our people over--is also not to nitpick every detail of every post but to see if the Raiders did a reasonable job of preparing and fighting and realistically took a prize. Once again in the case of any irresolvable disputes, the final word will be Tai Phoon's.

Once the Raid Leader calls retreat, the Defenders of The Cove will stand down.

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