Map of Parrot Cove

Parrot Cove is located on the mainland, somewhere south of the equator, and north of Schendi.

Since we've been spending an inordinate amount to time rebuilding of late, Parrot Cove is presently engaged in a project to add a layer of fireproofing to all the structures in Parrot Cove. Every roof will eventually have a tin under-roof, covered with a wire lattice holding sand, and then that covered with thatch.

At present, the Gull Reef Club, the Gull Reef Club archer's cupola, the south warehouse, the guard towers flanking the seagate, the kitchen, the tarn cots, and the stockade have all had this upgrade.

Also note that all of the buildings in Parrot Cove except the residences are built of treated jungle hardwood, and it rains here usually twice a day.

Bottom line is that just dropping barrels of oil from tarnback does not guarantee an instant conflagration.

Also note that with building going on in the cove, the map does get updated on a fairly regular basis.

The map was last updated on 8-6-13. If you raid using an older map...that's your problem.

To the east of the cove is nothing but pasangs and pasangs of jungle; populated by not much but jungle tribes, wild beasts and talunas. We would consider any approach but by sea with a critical eye.

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