Parrot Cove

Gender bending, dualling, and secondary characters are not allowed in Parrot Cove. Any man acting in a slavelike manner in Parrot Cove will be killed.

Free Women who display any sexual interest in any other woman while in Parrot Cove will be immediately collared to The Cove and passed around for use by all Men present.

No boring people are allowed in Parrot Cove.

The Rules of Parrot Cove. Read them before you enter.

Parrot Cove: There are legends of this place, and there are legends in this place.

You've been sailing south for days now. The equator has passed; the sun beats down hotter from higher in the sky, and at night the moons seem fuller, closer.

As your ship sails south, to its port side are nothing but endless vistas of tropical vegetation, and the only sounds you hear are the sounds of Thassa, and of the untamed jungle.

But, tucked away somewhere along this coast is an inlet; an inlet you have to be looking for to find, and if you find that inlet, you will find one of the most storied places on all of Gor.

You will find Parrot Cove.

Are all the stories of this place true?

Are any of the stories of this place true?

Did all of Gor really twice converge on this place to do battle?

Was there really once a Great Seachase to this very place?

Are the legends spoken in hushed tones of the fast and fearsome tarnship, The Coral Reefer true, or are they nothing more than the tall tales of drunken sailors?

Was this really once the home of the most feared band of pirates on all of Gor?

Is it still?

Do the battle axes of some of the most famed and feared Men on all of Gor really hang as trophies over the bar in the Gull Reef Club?

Is there really a Gull Reef Club?

Is there really a Caridwen Memorial Post?

The Man, Tai Phoon, is He a Legend, or merely a myth; and can He really melt hearts and moisten thighs with only a smile?

And of course, are the rumors of gold here true?

You won't know unless you enter.

Enter if you dare.

Raiders are welcome

Parrot Cove Defenses and Travel Rules

Map of Parrot Cove

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Parrot Cove is a kill/collar/mirror zone.