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It is now the 21st century and the world is not like it once was cities are changing for the better or for the worst that is for you to decide. What was once myth and legend is not fact what was the fictional bump in the night now may be your next door neighbor. The year is 2010 and we are and the city of New Orleans and it is bringing forth a new wave of living vampires which once lay within shadow now are seen as saviors it took one to lead the way and those who follow him this is how it all began…

The year is 2009 New Orleans and its surrounding parishes brace for the worse hurricane since Katrina its name is Jasmine and it was on a one way track to the cities doorsteps. They were warned they were told but no one could ever have believed the destruction it would bring forth whole parishes lost the French quarter in ruin. Riots and tuff wars soon followed marshal law and a state of emergency was declared and in the midst of all the chaos the Master of the city was nowhere to be found. Just when we thought this little small part of the US was going to be lost in a sinking ship of paranormal turmoil as no one was in control he rose up out of the distinction and ruin to take charge.

He was known as The Rake though if you had of asked a year ago who he was his story would have fell upon deaf ears for his day came centuries before when Pirates sailed the seas but this was to be his century for renewal he took control with the help of his animals to call both rallying the Birds and Wolves Archard took control of the kiss and became the public face for the rebirth of New Orleans Starting with the French Quarter now the hub of his pretuanatual force he began the rebuilding of a new New Orleans and brought vampires into a new light to the human world.

Now a year later Archard has rebuilt almost all that has been lost and the city thrives again both in the light of day and by the darkness of night he is at its heart. What will this look like to the rest of the world a smooth way in to take over power or does he truly want to be the kinder face of the vampire world. New Orleans has been brought into the 21st century by a different hand at the reigns this territory belongs to The Rake enter if you dare as he has become a beloved treasure of our fine city nothing gets past him for he is in control…

Room Rules

Ignorance is no excuse. Full rules via our msg board directly linked below.

  • Important - All Site rules apply.
  • Have Fun - As important as everything else remember this room is for fun and a good time.
  • Drama - It is to be left at the door final period end of story.
  • Respect - You give it you get it admin and roleplayers alike.
  • Character Submission - Before being able to use any powers and or special abilities within DOBS you must have an approved Character. Although you may only play like this for 1 weeks before a charactor submission is required.
  • Avatars - Your Discretion here nothing too gigantic please stay around (550H x 1062W p).
  • Model List - To keep it fair there will be a flush of the model list every 60 days and charaters whom have not been played in the room in this time period their model will be back up for grabs so if you want to keep your model keep us informed or play all your characters on a regular basis as we do not want models sitting for 6 and 7 months unused when other players can have better use for them. Thank you.

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