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Hope, Maine, a small town founded in 1754, with a population of 1532 according to the 2010 census. What would any supernatural want with a town like this? Perhaps the fact that it boasts the first and only supernatural exclusive University in the world. The head master, and also founder of the town set this place up as a haven for all things non-human. Elbridge University offers the unique chance for all supernaturals to learn something both about themselves, and humanity. Some use it as a place to hone their skills, some enjoy being perpetual students, and some use it to get back what they lost so many years ago

Room Rules

1 - All site rules apply.
2 - Drama does it even fuckin' matter?
3 - Respect room staff, and your fellow players. If problems arise, report them to the room leader or moderator. This may be dealt with by meeting with both parties, together; after all, we are all adults. If you do not think your issue is important enough to warrant a group sit-down, then it is not important enough to report
4 - The town proper is a kill zone, while the college itself is not. Meeting behind the playground has never been bloodier.
5 - Open scening is allowed in this room. It's college...with vampires and werewolves. It's expected.
7 - All characters, models and players must be over the age of 18, no exceptions. Anyone found in violation of this will be asked to change the age/model or, in the case of an under-aged player, booted from the room.
8 - Please keep avatars tasteful, I know it's college but keep it kosher. A little boob never hurt anyone though. Also keep them darker, not black, but respect those with sensitive eyes. Should be no more than 750x500, or 500x750
9 - No character sheets here, but if you feel like playing in god-mode...I have the trunk. In conjunction with that, no model list either
10 - I have the right to change shit! Not in asshole way, but I do have the final call on all room decisions.
11 - Have fun! I mean it...or I'll kill you. =D


This room is FreeForm. Period.

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