Return of the Zodiac - Chapter 8

Eric Broden arrived at Freddy's bar and grill half hour early; he came alone, in case this Harvey Hines was a nut job. Broden ordered an omelet, with toast and orange juice, while he waited. He polished off the omelet with relative ease and sat nibbling the toast as he saw a man walk into the restaurant with a short brunette. The man was about six feet tall with short black hair; he wore a dark blazer over a green shirt and dark pants with black shoes. The girl was dressed a lot more casual with a sweatshirt and jeans on. She seemed about the same age as the guy.

Hines spotted Broden sitting in the back of the bar and grill, and walked toward the table with the girl in tow.

"Detective Broden?" Hines questioned, just to make sure.

"Call me Eric, and you must be Harvey Hines!" Broden said motioning for them to sit down.

"If I had known you were bringing a date, I would have dressed up a bit more!" Broden said.

"Sorry, Eric this is Nicole Strehl a nurse from Lake Tahoe. She has information on the case!" Hines said.

"OK let's hear what you've got!" Broden said motioning for a refill on his coffee and for his two companions.

"Well I've been investigating a man named Larry Kane for more then twenty years now, all of this on my own time. I became involved in the Zodiac case in November of 1973; I had been taking night classes for criminology. I came across two reports filed by two separate women, two months after the disappearance of Donna Lass. They both came forward after hearing about the postcard Zodiac sent in March of 1971. They reported that at about the time of Lass' disappearance they were both approached by a man they believed was the Zodiac. 

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written by "Z"