Return of the Zodiac - Chapter 7

September 20 1997

Detective Alan Chan of the SIU arrived on the scene at exactly 2:16AM, the body of twenty-two year old Michelle Boss was found hanging from a lamp pole thirteen feet off the ground. Her body was let down once medical examiners arrived. They determined that the cause of death was asphyxiation, caused by the rope around the neck. 'A horrible death!' Chan thought to himself. Her body was checked for identification, Chan found forty-three dollars and sixty cents in her wallet. She was wearing a Rolex watch, a very expensive one Chan noted. The rope was tied around the neck with a double toe loop; a knot used in the Navy. It took two and a half hours for the detectives and medical examiners to finish with the crime scene.

No motive, no suspects, no witnesses.

Chan got back to his desk to fill out his initial report on the murder of Michelle Boss. He glanced at the picture on his desk; the picture of his ex-partner Robin Kelley. It was almost a year since she died. He shook his head and resumed typing, so he could go home to sleep.

* * *

Twenty- seven year old Cathy Cross walked alone down highway 110, outside San Francisco. Her car broke down six miles back, she'd been walking and trying to hitch hike ever since. She was caught in the bright headlights of an on-coming car, it passed her went several feet, then slowed down and came to a stop on the shoulder of the road. The car was a Blue Valiant, she figured a sixty three or four. She ran up alongside the car and spoke to the driver. He was kinda big she thought with brownish red hair and thick, dark horn-rimmed glasses. His hair was military cut. He spoke in a very direct monotone voice.

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written by "Z"