Return of the Zodiac - Chapter 4

September 3 1996

At a request from Eric Broden, Syd Field was put on police protection, he went nowhere without a police officer nearby. As was the case with Candi Couvier, Broden was still unsure whether or not the Zodiac had picked her out as a target or not. He wasn't taking any chances. Broden set up a police escort for school buses in the San Francisco area after the Zodiac mentioned he would blow up a bus.

Dan Stevens began checking on suspects from the original case, their descriptions and where-a-bouts at the time of the recent murders. Most were dead or no longer in the California area. Stevens wondered where the killer had been all these years, prison was an unlikely possibility because of the killers habit of bragging about the murders after he commits them. He would have told someone in prison his alter ego was the serial killer known only as Zodiac. Stevens began checking on the survivors of the slayings in the sixties. There were only three.

Michael Mageau was attacked with Darlene Ferrin on July 5, 1969, at Blue Rock Springs in Vallejo. Ferrin was killed but Mageau survived the multiple gunshot wounds.

Bryan Hartnell was attacked with his girlfriend Cecilia Shepherd at Lake Berryessa on September 27, 1969. They were tied up and stabbed repeatedly.

Kathleen Johns and her baby were attacked on March 22, 1970. She was not injured in any way, she had been able to escape before any harm could come to her or her baby. Stevens entered Mageau's name into the database, it took only seconds for the read out to appear. On July 5, 1996, forty-seven year old Michael Mageau was found shot to death in his car. It is believed he was shot in an attempted car jacking as his wallet and car keys were missing.

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written by "Z"