Return of the Zodiac - Chapter 3

August 30 1996 3:30 PM

Detectives Broden and Stevens sat at their desks with a menacing pile of paper work in front of them.

"The phone lines are practically frozen with the amount of callers calling in with their tips!" Broden said, while riffling through the smallest stack of papers. 

"That survivor, the Wakaruk kid, ID'd the original Zodiac as the shooter! So were back to square one!!!" Stevens said as he picked up the phone.

"If your calling the Chronicle, don't bother, I already did and they haven't heard anything from our guy either!"

"Damn," Stevens said slamming down the phone, "It's been over a week since we heard from this guy!"

"It could come any day now, the murders are coming awfully close together." Broden said staring out the window.

"Special delivery for a Detective Stevens."

Broden and Stevens looked up to see a young messenger with long scraggly hair and crooked teeth.

Stevens grabbed the small package and the boys clipboard. He signed it and handed the board back to the kid with a crisp five dollar bill on it.

"Here, buy yourself some shampoo or something!"

The kid flipped Stevens the bird and stormed out of the squad room. The postmark on the package was from Washington DC The office of the FBI.

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written by "Z"