Return of the Zodiac - Chapter 2

August 23 1996

Syd Field opened the second letter from the killer:

This is the Zodiac speaking I am very
dissaponted that my last letter was not 
in yestardays paper. You had better print 
this one or I shall have some nasty fun
with a hospitel for the kiddies .
The two victums I snatched last night 
were meant to go. The littl piggie was a
bonis. I could have bine cauht but I come 
back for my knife befor the copper could 
snatch it for prints or worse.
There will be more so be forewarnd 
I'm back. 

- 5
you- -1 

Inside the envelope was a blood spattered police badge. Field headed for the nearest police station.

* * *

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written by "Z"