Return of the Zodiac - Chapter 1

August 21 1996

Officer John Parent sat in the same chair he had sat in for the past three years. The twenty-eight year old Parent had joined the S.F.P.D. nearly six years ago, hoping to take part in high speed chases and bloody shoot-outs just like his childhood heroes had in the movies. But instead he sat answering the phones all night, listening to sorry-assed complaints of noisy neighbors and the like.

He sat there for nearly forty minutes trying to flip his trusty sidearm - a pen, in the air, just like Letterman. One day, he thought to himself, I'm gonna flip the sonova-bitch!

His pen dropped to the floor for the forty-ninth time. As he crouched down to pick it up...the phone rang. He glanced at it debating on whether or not he should answer it. Then his question was answered as his supervisor walked in with an arm load of Chinese food.

He picked up the was 4:04 am. 

"13th Precinct." he said trying not to sound too bored. The voice on the other end was calm and low. The most monotone voice Parent had ever heard.

"I want," said the voice "to report a double murder." Parents eye brows raised.

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written by "Z"