A New Little Story

....this is just a small scene..entirely unfinished...just thought some of you may enjoy it.

Tina Pepe walked casually down the long narrow street of Downtown Summerville. A tall, beautiful, vibrant young woman, Tina made many friends. As she ended her senior year, the smart girl had more then enough Universities and College's to mull over through the course of the summer. The future seemed dreamily bright. The dim lights of the street lamps were a contrast to the bright Californian day that had just passed on. Tina was amazed at the difference the sun made to her tiny town 80 miles from the bustling City of Angels. 

First settled in 1899, Summerville flourished with families and trading. It was one of the biggest trading towns along the coast. The great depression had little effect on the small town. The cheap housing and warm climate made it a suitable place for families to stake their claim. Tina's family had lived in the town for over 80 years, making this the only home she's ever known. Her grandfather was on the town council and nominated mayor three times. 

Tina stopped suddenly turning back down the dark street her gaze shifting back and forth over the road and sidewalks. She had the eerie feeling someone was behind her. Seeing no one on the deserted road she turned back and continued her long walk home. At 3:30 in the morning she'd be surprised to see anyone out, it even surprised her to be out this late. She nervously played with her soft brown hair, while walking, carrying an armload of books she'd taken out of the library. "There was that sound again." She thought to herself, turning around again to see nothing but an empty street. 

Turning back, she saw a long black sedan driving slowly past her, peered in the dark window and saw a glimpse of a man looking at her, his eye's barely visible in the darkness. The car drove on down the rode past her then braked. Tina watched the car's white back up light's come on, the black sedan began backing up with excruciating slowness. There was such menace, such an aura of malignancy about the actions that Tina bolted left down a small alleyway. 

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written by "Z"