Works of Art: the tales of franklin (episode one: for a fag)

There once was a cat named Franklin, he loved running
around, chasing bones and eating dogs. He was the kind of
cat you stared at, not because he was cool, but because he
was always in your fucking way. He was white all over with a
brown patch around his tail. One day, he jumped his gate
and ran off down the street, to the local foods store for a
pack of fags.

He lived in a perfect neighbourhood, like one of the ones you
see in movies, everyone smiles, everyone says hi. He
dodged around people walking their cats, ME-owing at them
as he did. The cats purred as he passed, flicking their tails
out to them. The owners smiled and tipped their hats to him,
"Evening Franklin", they would say. He saw the store come up
in the distance and begin to purr, he could taste the nicotine
already, mmm-mmm. The store was the kind you see in small
towns on the corner of every street, crumbling white stucco
on the sides with a sign that says, "MOM'S DINNER AND

Franklin, wanting the cigarettes right away, didn't go in
through the pub to pick up a Corona. He slid in through the
cat door and a little bell jingled, signaling his arrival. The
owner grinned and reached for his usual pack of MERIT™ cigs.
He placed them on the counter and rested his elbows against
the glass, "How's the Wife, Franky?" The cat jumped on the
counter and rubbed against him, purring. He paused at the
cigarettes, a pick dropped from his collar and hooked into
them. He meowed and it went up, and stopped just below his
chin. He looked back to the owner, "Eh, she's being a bitch
lately... sleeping around with the Tommys." The cat, began
hacking and a tenner wrapped in cat fur fell to the counter.
He jumped off the counter and headed out.

What happens next?!!
-Franklin haves sex
-Franklin haves sex
-Franklin pops some tyres
-Falon sucks some cock
-Franklin looks for his dealer, Freddy the Dog

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written by Mikael