It was a brisk November morning. The sky was dark with rain clouds, and the grass was moist with the dew from the previous night. The gravestones where standing alone, some having overgrown grass, and had not been cared for in years. Others where in immaculate shape, well trimmed grass around them, fresh flowers placed upon the ground to commemorate the loved ones that had passed. Beneath a large oak tree stood a man, his head lowered in remembrance. The grave he stood before was fresh, the grass had yet to even grow over the over-turned soul. He wore a long trench coat plane, a tanish color. He also had on a hat, the brim was slightly bent out of shape and it was weathered, showing the hat's age. A descent suit was under the coat. Nothing special, just a plane black suit, with a white shirt, and a black tie. The kind of suit you would see hanging in the local JC Penneys. In his hands he held a vibrant red rose.

The rain started to fall now. Softly drifting in the wind. A soft breeze sends a leaf, the last leaf on the old tree to fall and flow away. The man says in a saddened voice finally, "Hello Sussy, your mother misses you and your sister Jill has been quiet since the funeral. I know I come out here too much, but I miss you pumpkin."

A soft sigh slides from the man's lips. Tears start to slide down his cheek as he remembered the good times he had with his daughter. Coaching the girl's softball team and the dance recitals, where his daughter danced and made him so proud. Remembering when she left the house on her first date, and the guy he thought was so wrong and didn't deserve his little girl.

He takes a deep breath and whips the tears away with the sleeve of his coat and sets down the flower upon the fresh soil. He says softly again, "Pumpkin, I must go to the office now. I'll see you when I can. Just remember as you look upon us from the summerlands that, we love you dearly, and miss you a lot." [ Continue ]

written by Anthony