Sometimes, in that twilight world between waking and dreaming, I am dancing. The sun is burnishing the floor with golden warmth as my sore feet slide across it, revealing in the sheer sensation of movement. The blood sings in my veins with a fierce throbbing as my laboring heart drives it. My skin is damp and burning with cleansing sweat, and I am at the pinnacle of being alive. Faster and faster my feet glide, turning and pivoting its sister muscles into a rapid succession of pirouettes, moving at such a pace, that the patterns of light and shadow that spill across the floor becoming a series of flashing lights in my eyes.

My body becomes music made physical and tangible, muscles reflecting the intonation of melody, bones liquefied to harmony. And I dance. The music changes, but I remain its embodiment, stretching and leaping, swaying and gyrating, until finally collapsing. The silence envelops me, my body collapsed to the studio floor, heated by exertion, blanketed in the amber grace of the sun that pours through the window about me. The throb of my tired exhilarated heart fills the silence, loud as my mother's in the womb. There I lay, on the warm polished surface of the floor; the world struck red amber by the intensity of the sun beating through my closed eyelids. Slowly, each nerve relaxes; each muscle surrenders itself to stillness, the addictions of my body and soul fed by the exhilaration of dance. 

Then its time to get ready to go. The course of the hot shower water rinsing away my sweat feels almost as good as earning it did. I linger in the cascade of water over long, and after wards, I dawdle with dressing and my hair. Each moment passing in exquisite slowness; the binding of my hair to a perfect prima ballerina's coif, classic and elegant, the languid rolling of pale pink tights up my legs, the smoothing of leotards over my lean flesh. There is a moment that seems to endure even longer, as I over look my image in the tall mirror, surveying the flesh that has been molded by years of devotion, and I am overcome with the sensation of being a fierce and wholly physical being. Of being something wild and beyond the bindings of logic and reason. My soul sings its strength in this feeling.

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written by Spider