Trade and Acquisition

Manny knew he was in trouble. His mother was right about him, one day his own dumb greed would get him in the sort of trouble that he couldn't worm his way out of. This looked like it might be one of those occasions. To the outsider, who somehow just happened to be passing by on of the windows twenty feet up the wall of the warehouse, and who could see in the poor light beyond the grimy glass, it looked like Manny was in some kind of heaven. Standing directly behind him, her body almost touching his was a woman most men would kill for. She wore a tight white dress, the colour matching her hair weaved into dreadlocks and running down her back, a few locks brushing over her shoulders to her chest. The hair was obviously dyed, and a splash of blonde could be seen at the hairline just under the goggles that she wore almost like a hair band. She wore long heavy black boots coming just short of her knees with silver detail running all along. To the casual observer, Manny seemed to have found this woman at a local outcasts bar, where the punks, the Goths, and other associated weirdoes hung out, and brought her back here. However Manny, in his tired old brown suit, had done no such thing. He could almost feel her grinning behind him, the hairs on the back of his neck at full alert, unable to stop himself wondering if sharks grinned the same way.

They weren't alone, the British guy was there. He should have listened to his associates. He considered them associates as Manny knew he had no real friends, but they all looked out for each other when it was convenient to do so. At this point in time, their help would be wonderfully convenient, but only for him. He knew he was on his own. He should have believed them when they said this British guy was trouble, a serious contender. But Britain is so small, he'd argued, they didn't know any thing about how the business really worked, how could they? That's why he'd jacked up the price, he thought he'd got the guy over a barrel, Manny had what he wanted, so now he could just raise the price. And with the little bit of information he'd found, he could ensure he got what he wanted. His mother was right, he was too greedy.

"Look Mr. Winchester," Manny was trying one last time, after all, you never know. "All I'm saying is that the expenses I was subject to during this little acquisition were more than I had accounted for in my original budget! I'm sure you can understand, one businessman to another. I'm taking a loss here!"  [ Continue ]

written by Paul Guess