Sheng M. Li

It began as any other day. The morning mist and fog obscured the party's vision. The sounds of the wildlife about them almost deafening to some, almost unheard by others.

She sat on her horse, her blue eyes upon the castle still a mile distant. To say she wasn't afraid would be a lie. She was. And, she would admit it if asked. But, that could be because she couldn't lie worth a damn. 

Wisps of blond hair fluttered into her face from her hood, getting caught on her cracked and dry lips. This campaign had been long and tiring. At this point, she only wished to find a hole to climb into and curl up to sleep. But, she was the baby of the group, and she would never state that to her father, or her uncles.

Her blue gaze moves over the party. Her father being the first. She takes in his features, her Da. A slow smile curves the small mouth. His salt and pepper hair, the mismatched blue and silver eyes, the laugh lines at the corners of his eyes. All precious to her. He was all she had besides the others of this party. And, he was all that stood between her and her mother.

Her eyes move on to the man seated on a horse next to her father's. Cameron. Her father's trusted advisor and ranger. He was a big man. Oh, not just to her, after all, she was a tiny child. No, to nearly everyone. He stood at 7'8" in height, and was a mountain.

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written by Gabby