The Seeds of Rebellion - Part 1

No one knows how long it has been stirring. The Symphony has long been crying out, warning its instruments of the impending. All know, but no one is sure. Speculations run rampant throughout the Celestial forces, various names being named, old forces of darkness rising. But little did they even fathom that the disturbance within the Symphony will run far deeper, and come from a place not even Yves himself would expect.

Within the Cathedral of Light, Lucifer sat upon his throne. A recent construct of his, which blatantly displayed his comparison to the Ultimate Being itself. Buzzing around were his angels of light..the sheer irony of it. These few, possibly the greatest of all angels, would in the matter of years, stand near the throne of hell as Demon Princes in the service of their dark lord. One such angel is Beezlebulb, who at this time was a low ranking angel of light. But as fate would have it, this soon to be Demon Prince of War had nothing to do with the rebellion. For in the throne room of Lucifer sat those who wished to rebel. At the head of table sat the Lightbringer himself. Further down, familiar faces became seen. Legion, Belial, Andrealphus. And even among those lesser known faces such as Vephar and Mariel sat. But there sat, right next to Lucifer, was his first born Cheribum of Light, his lieutenant, the 3rd Cheribum to come into existance..Naphtali Morningstar. Out of all of those there, he was the most quiet. He simply sat as the makings of rebellion were being sown.

"Lightbringer! Do you really think that we can possibly survive?!" Legion was the owner of this screaming voice. He stood 6'5, and was clad in a gleaming suit of armor, which had seen a thousand battles, yet, held not a sign of it usage. Out of the plotters, he was probably the most levelheaded. He was the only voice of reason within the group, save Lucifer himself, who had stopped them from charging the Citadel of God weeks ago. But right now, it was time to cover every aspect of the rebellion, and Lucifer gave all their turn.

When Legion finished, Lucifer opens his eyes and leaned back in his throne. He himself wore his armor, a flawless armor that could have not complemented him more. For a few moments, Lucifer sat in silence. The only sound was the soft whistle of the everlasting wind which whips through the Celestial plane. But finally, after pushing strands of long black hair aside, Lucifer spoke.

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written by Naphtali