Return of the Zodiac - Chapter 6

September 25 1996

Detective Dan Stevens walked out of the Internal Affairs office with the help of a cane, and his head down. Detective Alan Chan was sitting on the soft padded seats outside the office. He saw Stevens, and stood up to greet him.

"So what did they say?" Chan asked.

"I'm suspended." Stevens said, shaking his head.

"For how long??"

"Two weeks, that's it." Stevens said. "Since I was the lead detective after Eric's injury, it was my responsibility to call for the appropriate back-up!"

"That's bullshit!!" Chan shouted. "If Robin or I felt the situation needed back-up, we would have called!!"

The two detectives walked out of One Police Plaza and headed down the street to Stevens precinct, and now officially, Chan's as well.

"Does Eric know yet?" Chan asked.

"No, the doctors didn't want me to tell him until after the internal affairs got through with us!" Stevens said.

"When are you gonna tell him?" Chan asked.

"We, are gonna tell him after I clean a few things out of my desk!" 

The two detectives walked back to their station house in silence. They walked into the station and were greeted with cheers from the street cops and the few detectives that were in the main level. Stevens and Chan held up their free hands in a show of thanks, neither of them smiled. They continued up the stairs to the detectives squad room. The detectives in the squad room clapped as Chan and Stevens walked into the room, both of them hardly acknowledged the show of approval. Stevens took some things off his desk and walked with Chan down the stairs and out the door.

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written by "Z"