Fall of a Warrior

He'd been walking for hours, along the hard cold streets of Toronto, searching within them for things that might be of use to his agency. He was having little luck, just catching the sights so many of the tourists would see and gawk at.

Perhaps his reasons weren't entirely of the agency, perhaps he walked these streets to find something of himself within here, an answer to his fate by walking and thinking. Agent Kudou brushed his jet black hair away from his eyes and continued on down the street, his black coat billowing behind him at his ankles, concealing the deadly designs beneath it.

Kayless Sticks was in pain, like she hadn't felt in some time, her mind fogged, her body broken, her spirit as well maybe. She found herself lying against a wall in an alley, and it's within that darkness she attempted to send a beacon, a call for help. Only within the shadows would it work, but all the same, it would reach anyone she had ever met. So she lay, and kept her concentration on obtaining help.

Agent Kudou passed through a shadow, and felt a tug at his mind, something calling to him. He almost wondered if it was one of the spirits, aiding him in finding himself. As he passed the edge of the shadow, the feeling grew weaker. He tested something, moving into a darker shadow nearby. The tug at his mind again, a signal. He began to recognize what it was, his jaw dropping open slightly. Kayless Sticks. She'd been missing for weeks, the Realms Investigation Agency was called out to find her, and now he'd found her by pure dumb luck. Sticking to the shadows, he made his way to the source of the signal... [ Continue ]

Written By Eric C. ('Ric)