Is there life after death?

Faded Thoughts,
Jaded voices scream,
Asking questions; Answers only return in sorrowed-like
Writing your memories, thank-you's, and goodbyes.
Wanting to end it all,
Scared to be alive.
Twisted thoughts lurk in your hollowed brain.
Tears are cried, after you depart; yet life continues to reign.
Days go on, nothing is changed.
Your room is soon emptied, your possessions sold for a
profitable gain.
Slowly as you place the sorrow noose,
Gripping tightly around your strained neck.
You set out to find if there is life after death.
The box removed.
Your silent body hangs.
Only a scarce sound is heard,
The exhale of your last breath.
The last pump of your heart as your near death
Hanging you pray,
That there is life after death.  

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written by Kat