The Last Tear Cried

Sitting here sorrowed and alone,
Watching my world shatter, losing my trusted home.
Listening to the screams inside my head,
Hearing their laughter for me to be dead.
I try to sleep; Yet unfulfilled promises keep me awake.
Listening to them weep and cry,
Hearing my Mother's voice asking me Why?
Holding the knife with a shaking hand.
Knowing my story has been told,
The time has come to collect and fold.
I slice the skin away, the red blood seeps through.
Angels surround me, I realize they are crying too.
Lying in a pool of my own cool blood,
Death nears and I close my eyes,
I hear the echoing sound of the sirens is just outside,
And I die as the last tear is cried.

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written by Kat