It was a well-laid plan.

The Imperials had taken the bait. Provide them with an easy target, however not to easy, otherwise they would grow suspicious. It had to be tempting enough, savory enough they could taste it.

They're simple creatures really, single minded in their pursuit of rank and glory, so eager to appease that comatose martyr they'd elevated to deity status. "Know your enemy"… a clichéd line perhaps, however the advice should be heeded, if not with a grain of salt.

Pardon me, I'm off topic.

Yes, provide them with an easy target. Abandon a lone assault ship just off the borders of Imperial space, batter it up enough to display the illusion of a derelict one. Then, when the Imperials take the bait, and ever willing to pin another medal to their chest, the real predator slips out from hiding and claims its prey.

I know, I know. It's a plan a millennia old, but like that other clichéd line goes, "If it ain't broke"…

"Long range sensors are picking up a vessel General. Bearing 024, mark 35. Warp velocity, 5.4".

"What type, Lieutenant?"

"Unable to get an accurate reading General, the solar flares at this close proximity are…"

"… causing interference, no doubt."

"Yes sir." The Lieutenant stiffened his posture, and a throat that quickly parched swallowed deep.

The corner of Marius lip curled, he hadn't needed his empathic powers to notice the Lieutenants nervousness towards not providing a satisfactory answer. Granted, in such a situation none could be given, and no one could rightfully be blamed. However there were crueler Generals and Captains in Chaos, who would need little more reason to rend the Lieutenant limb from limb. [ Continue ]