Abyssal Enigma - The Story of Phoebos Part 1

CHAOS. In its purest, most primordial state, free of subjective interpretations and labels, Chaos is at best a
benign force at work in the Universe and at worst a force that causes disorganization on a molecular level.

Chaos can be described in and of itself, divorced of any external references. Chaos simply IS. Chaos is whatever tendency would appear in nature, exclusive of any outside interference or manipulation. If one were to drop a million grains of sand from the top of a building, would they form a disorganized pile or would they forge together and become glass? Assuming no outside intervention, the sand would form a pile, again and again, no matter how many times this experiment were performed.

That is the essence of Chaos.

Order, on the other hand, is best thought of as a depravity of Chaos. Order is that which occurs when Chaos is removed from a system. One cannot have Order unless one first has Chaos.

Order is the Universe. 

Before there was such a rigid, martial concept as Time, there was simply Chaos. No sentience. No thought. No war, no strife. Simply Chaos, a roiling, amorphous tempest without definition. After some interminable period, the Earth came into being.

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written by Michael D. Wisebaker