Fall into Oblivion Pt. 6

With her move into Haven she immediately set out to meet each and every member of SA. She spent every night learning the History of the Family, surprised to find that Pred himself was once a member of Julian Darque's Family, a person that Sera could hardly stand for his damnable conceit. During her first nights she worked hard on learning fighting technique's called Disciplines. Something that until then was completely unknown to her. How could the SH could have actually survived so long when NO one taught of their Vampire powers. They always used basic hand to hand or sword play in their battles. She was determined to prove to herself and everyone else that she could do it, that she could and would become a Famed Soul Assassin.

Setting out to meet each of her new family members was not an easy task, for even in the closeness of family there were many that scattered. She was relentless in her pursuit. And eventually she met what she believes to have been most of them, Stophle, Avendesora, Steele, Li Zor and Chantra were those she became closest to. Most of whom were a single arm in the family tree. Li Zor, was Sire to Stophle who was Sire to Chantra so she was sure to visit with him and hear his story. Many nights the two spent together talking, laughing and getting closer. Where Seraphin had recently left Drago , Li Zor's wife Eternal Whisper had suddenly disappeared and was thought to be dead by many in the Realms. She and Stophle spent many evenings playing around on her trampoline while Aven made fish faces at them. It was a time of Parties, big spending and personal enjoyment, much like the 80's. With fresh bloode joining daily, such as Shockwave, Devilz Disciple, Katarina, and Demonchylde. SA was by far the largest and meanest Family around and Pred sat proudly on his throne.

The time came when Pred called her forward during a family meeting and announced that she would in fact be embraced. Calling up Chantra as well. Seraphin had a deep respect for her soon to be Sire. Chantra was one bad bitch, well bitch was putting it lightly. Chantra had really taken Sera under her wing helping her in every way she could, and never hesitated to put her fledgling into check when needed. Which seemed to be often. Wickedly the two spent many evenings tormenting and teasing poor mortals and loving every minute of it. Sera was devastated when her "mother" took her leaves to travel, she hated being away from her but there was always Li Zor to spend time with...[ Continue ]

written by ....abysal..oblivion....