Fall into Oblivion Pt. 5

When she awoke, Immortal was left without memory, she didn't know exactly who she was only that she was a Vampiress. So with that knowledge she set out to reclaim her life or at least the life that she wanted to claim. The first move she made was to change her name, so that Drago would not find her, for she felt the bond and knew he was still among the walking.

For many nights she traveled to and from places where she was warmly received not exactly knowing why she was well known she just shrugged such eloquence off, finally one day she decided upon a name for herself. She would be called Seraphin.

For the most part that is all that changed of the girl, for she still had the radiant emerald eyes though sometimes lately they faded to a brownish almost gold color, her hair still hung down her back in ringlets of fiery auburn. She had not changed much just enough she thought to hide out. As time went by she found herself introduced to Seductress, her memory had returned enough to realize that she was now consorting with the enemy..[ Continue ]

written by ....abysal..oblivion....