Fall into Oblivion Pt. 4

Moments later she began her walk through the hallway, her face still damp with tears, but she held her head high, after this was about to become her only family. Her long red curls swayed about her figure as she moved and if it seemed as if the Hall was full before it was three times as such now. People were coming out of every crevice it seemed.

Though she wished simply to remain anonymous it was not to be, as she made her way towards the dais every eyed turned to watch her. She straightened her posture as she walked silently, staring straight ahead she stopped at the platform merely waiting.

Vorloth began to speak, Mehgann, Beauty I am about to offer something not come by lightly, for all your innocence there is a raging fire and I intend to see you reach potential, what I ask is small compared to what you will be receiving, with that he stepped forward gripping her by the hair and pulling her to him. His lips pressing to her cheek softly then sliding down her throat. His fangs hooking into her soft skin pouring her blood down his throat. Moaning softly her back arched pushing herself against him, he sucked harder on her neck her life leaking over his lips, fighting all she good her body finally gave out and she clung weakly to his shoulders. Simply he looked at her and stated, Decide now young Beauty, become as I am or die at this moment the choice is yours.

Limply she hung in his arms her emerald eyes rolling back into her skull, gathering all the strength she had left her head raised, "Please" she said softly, keep me alive, I don't want to die". With those simple words her head fell limp and he tore a gash into his wrist, letting the blood pour over her lips rejuvenating her pulse, stretching slowly her body became alive again, her flesh tingled as the blood filled her cells. Opening her eyes a cheer went up through the room. Mehgann O'neill had just given up mortality and was now Immortal Beauty, of Shadow Hunters.[ Continue ]

written by ....abysal..oblivion....