Fall to Oblivion Pt 3

Her eyes were wide with amazement as she was led from the bedroom to the main hall, people were stuffed in every room having what looked like a fabulous time. Though she wished to remain anonymous as they walked it seemed every eye turned towards her and Huntress. When they entered the main room, Mehgann glanced over her shoulder to see that they did not enter alone, the huge main room was filled with people as they filtered in behind them. "Ah Lassie you've awakened" a booming voice spoke to her and she whirled around to see Vorloth sitting in a large throne. Next to him sat a beautiful woman and on her right sat another large man. "Mehgann O' Neill, may I Introduce my sister Blue Diamond, and Brother Lestat". Feeling completely out of sorts in the emerald gown, Mehgann curtsied, if you could call it that, having grown up in a farm town she never learned exactly how one acts in such a fancy dress.

"Good eve I am Mehgann O'Neill". The woman, Blue, smiled brightly. "Vorloth you are correct, she is indeed a beauty, the nickname fits her well". Vorloth beamed as Blue spoke and the room grew silent, the three looked at her. Finally after what seemed like an eternity to her, Blue spoke again. "Welcome Mehgann to Eternal Nights, I am Blue Diamond, as Vorloth mentioned.". The girl's emerald eyes flashed as she spoke softly, "I merely wish a meal before I continue on my journey Ma'am". The room seemed to erupt in titters and laughter, "Yeah I wanna meal too Ma" quirked up a man from the corner, his eyes seemed to digest every inch of her flesh. She turned her eyes flashing angrily before the room was silenced with a wave of Blue's hand.

"Beauty is our guest and we will ALL treat her as such, including you Drago". The man scoffed a bit but nodded never the one to go against his mother's wishes, Mehgann was of course baffled, how could he be this woman's son, he was so black and she was so pale. Mere moments later the festive spirit returned, food was brought out though to Mehgann it seemed only herself and very few others actually ate, people kept interrupting her as they introduced themselves. "Hiya I'm Phelan Kell" one man said, a woman nearby smiled at her and grinned "Hello I am Gabrielle and this is my twin Morghan Avondale". Nodding she took it all in as they each seemed to introduce themselves, the line never ended. Finally as she finished Vorloth stood, the room grew silent again. " Beauty I would like a word with you if you don't mind Lassie". Nodding softly she rose, as she turned she caught the eye of the one called Drago again, he smiled wickedly at her and she swore she saw what looked like dog fangs. Shrugging it off, she simply stuck her tongue out at him and followed Vorloth into a chamber.

"Please have a seat", he pointed to a red leather chair. As she sat she thought to herself 'These folks sure like red'. He spoke as she sat "Red is a favorite of those I am surrounded by, and it is that fact that I would like to speak with you now about". A sense of foreboding washed over her without warning she was certain she was to be enslaved by these People. " You will not be enslaved dear". Unable to brush it off as coincidence again she stuttered, "How do you know my thoughts as I think them, are you a witch??". With that Vorloth laughed loudly, "A witch??..No, but I am very different from You Mehgann O'Neill". The very way he said her name sent shivers down her back, and in that moment he began speaking to her." [ Continue ]

written by ....abysal..oblivion....