Fall to Oblivion Pt. 2

The Sun was setting in the sky as Mehgann was carried further and further from her parents and the only home she'd ever known. With each mile they went her heart seemed to sink further and further into the depths of despair. How would she ever survive being so far from everything and everyone she knew. The farm was her whole life. As the moon rose into the sky, the quiet red headed girl fell asleep despite the jarring and jerking of the coach.

"She's a beauty this girl is", the strange voice jarred Mehgann into conscious, though she kept her eyes closed so that she could perhaps escape some terrible fate. She thought to herself that if they think me asleep surely they won't harm her? Slowly the man began to shake her nearly snapping her neck as he jerked her back and forth, her eyes snapped open with a defiant fire as she snapped at him. "Im awake you fool". The man stepped back his eyes for a moment deadly with venom, then relaxing into a wide smile. "Quite the Spitfire eh Lassie". She looked around, the coach was gone and she was unsure of where she was. "Is this Atlanta are you my pappa's friend". The man began laughing practically hysterical Mehgann jumped to her feet. "What are you laughing at you cad". Wiping His tears away the man stood up, his 6'8" frame dwarfing that of Mehgann's own 5'9" body, her eyes dimmed only a bit before she demanded again. "IS this Atlanta".

The man stood over her with a simple shake of his head and grinned, his eyes roved over her shapely form causing shivers to run down her slender spine. "Nay Lass this isn't Atlanta, but you are in danger. Your carriage or coach whatever ya call those contraptions was robbed, and ye was lucky I was in the area else ye might be dead".

Biting her lip but a moment she lifts her head. "What do you mean I might be dead, who would kill a farm boy that seems to be heading off to war". With that the man laughed again, his amusement brought a shock of red blush to Mehgann's features. " Now Lass I know what a man looks like and you are far from the likes of a farm boy, though with that cap on it might fool some of the ignorant ogre's around here". With that he proceeded to walk away, leaving her standing wide mouthed.[ Continue ]

written by ....abysal..oblivion....