Fall To Oblivion

She stood with her bright red hair flying around her face as he spoke to her, the tears of judgment flowing down her cheeks. "You've disobeyed my commands consorting with Lucifer as you have, I've no choice but condemn you". The thousands of Angels surrounding the area became still as he continued speaking. She trembled as she awaited his punishment one deep down she knew she deserved. "You were of the Seraphim circle that status is no more. For your crimes of consorting with the very one I cast into Hell, you shall become Fallen, your soul will be that of a babe born into a mortal family and you will never again see his face and that I will make sure of". The tears poured down her face as she fell to her knees, she struggled to control herself, she struggled with the words wanting to plead her case wanting to somehow change His mind. Slowly she looked upwards to His face her emerald eyes wet with tears, but the light had faded and He was gone and within moments so was she.

Missouri 1851

Farm life was never easy especially as the only child of Reneatha and Michael O'Neill. Irish immigrants that had made their way to the midwest to settle down. For years after building their home in a community of farmers they strived to have a child and had more or less given up when Reneatha announced she was pregnant. Michael was ecstatic with the news. Mehgann Marie O'Neill was born on a harsh winter night. The apple of her Daddy's eye from the very day she was born, he adored every inch of his beautiful baby girl, her fiery auburn curls, emerald eyes, the smooth beauty of her ivory skin, she was pure Irish in his eyes. He dubbed her "Angel" at the very moment she was born. Never did he know how close to the truth that was.

Reneatha equally adored her daughter, God could not have blessed them with a more respectful, beautiful child. Mehgann never fussed as a baby and rarely ever woke during the night. As she grew up she willingly did her chores, and always went to church. Many nights were spent watching their "angel" as she slept peacefully. As she grew so did her parents love for her.

They never knew purely wicked and evilness that their beautiful emerald eyed daughter would become.   [ Continue ]

written by ....abysal..oblivion....