Descent into Madness

Jordana was born into a loving hard-working Family over 300 years ago in what is now Boston. Her Father was a farmer who provided for his Family by harvesting fields of wheat and corn. Her Mother was nothing short of a Saint who assisted her Husband with the daily task of maintaining the Farm. Jordy had three older Brothers and a younger Sister. They were all very close and looked after one another.

The Town she grew up in was run by the Clergy, the community were highly religious Christians who held the church in high esteem. The area was rather small and close-knit which meant everyone knew each other's business.

Jordy's first seventeen years of life was blissful and perfect. She loved her Family and did everything she could to help them and keep them happy. She was the Beauty amongst them standing out from the others. She was the physical opposite. Instead of the Family trait of having flaxen blonde hair, gentle brown eyes and sun-kissed flesh, she was born with midnight tresses ocean blue eyes and ivory skin just like her great-grandmother did. Her promising life of joy was not to be forever. 

Somewhere during her seventeenth year, her Family began to notice some changes in the young girl. Jordy's sunny warm disposition was fading. She would seem somewhat lost at times and not react normally to events. That is IF she reacted at all. She seemed to be withdrawn. Jordy unbeknownst to her Family at this time, was slowly going mad. Over time she became progressively worse. The girl displayed bizarre disturbing behavior, prone to violence, easily agitated and quick to lose her temper. Her Family would see unexplained wounds upon her body. Her eyes were no longer hers. By aged twenty her Family were deathly afraid of her. However, they still loved her dearly and wanted to protect her, for if anyone saw her they would report her to the Magistrate who would then report it to the Clergy. Back then as we all know the Insane were deemed Possessed and doomed to unspeakable cruelty if discovered. Jordy's parents did not want this to be her fate so they managed to lock her in the cellar until they could figure out what could be done. Her screams and ramblings could be heard throughout the farm Or there was an eerie silence within the cellar. Her Mother wept frequently knowing there was little option or hope for Jordy. Her Father and Brothers did their best to offer comfort. Her little Sister was too young to even fathom or understand what was happening to the Sister she so looked up to. [ Continue ]

written by Jordy/Xammy