And Humanity Falls... (Part 3)

Li Zor seethed within himself. His body howled in agony, and he wasn't sure if the sound emanated from his own mouth, or was just an echo in his brain. His eyes lit up scarlet, the reddish tinge adding to the light of the flames from Calibite's incantation. Calibite continued forward, and the flames reached out and caught Li Zor in the leg. Li Zor's hiss of pain wasn't what distracted him, as the spell faltered. Calibite was grasping and tearing at his chest and clothes.

Li Zor had hissed, and shoulder rolled to his right as the edges of the spell caught his left leg within its spray. He stopped and kneeled there, the pain of all of his wounds giving him pause. He glanced over at Calibite, looking to try and find a way through the spell and to Calibite's throat. He noticed that Calibite was clutching, gasping, grasping and tearing at his chest and stomach. He kneeled; completely taken aback as to what the mage could be doing, wondering what sort of trick Calibite was up to.

Calibite reeled backwards; his tunic already lay in tatters around his waist. He dug into his chest with his fingernails, and finally could withstand it no more; He screamed. It was a low, guttural sound at first, which gained in pitch and volume. His heel caught in a low spot of the ground, and he stumbled onto his back, attempting to get inside himself with his hands.

Li Zor remained where he was, watching with widening eyes as the mage fell onto his back. His interest was kept glued to the scene in front of him, especially when the first flickering of emerald color was seen coming from Calibite's ear. He blinked, unsure, as the mages clothes began to smoke and smolder on him. In one instant, Calibite was ripping at himself, screaming in a higher pitch than Li Zor had heard any man scream before, and the next Calibite was a blaze of emerald flames, the tongues dancing from his mouth and eye sockets. The tips of his fingers curled backwards as the hellfire destroyed his bones and flesh from the inside. Li Zor stood, as he came to the realization that the mage hadn't done this to himself.

Li Zor's eyes were still brightly lit with the scarlet of his rage, and anger. He looked around the clearing where the battle had taken place. Li Zor called out, "Who's there? Show yourself. Give me the honor of seeing the face of my murderer."

Li Zor stood in place, and waited for an answer. The forest was silent, but for the occasional scrambling of some creature rooting around the dead leaves. He didn't move. 'Maybe they don't know I am here. Maybe they are trying to decide if I am next. Or not,' he thought. Li Zor turned his head; the charred and blackened body of Holeb lay on the ground near him. Two feet on the other side of Holeb the smaller man laid, both hands across his throat from the failed attempt to staunch the fatal wound. Out in the clearing, the remainders of Calibite still burned, the skeleton falling quickly to ash. [ Continue ]

Written by Philip Sr