And Humanity Falls...(Part 2 Revised)

Li Zor rested his head against the tree that he had arrived next to. The forest was black around him, the bushes and underbrush filling in between each of the tall pines as the moonless night slowly passed. The breeze that normally bent the tops of the trees was silent, as if knowing that he wished to be alone. He glanced down at his feet, the small pool of reddish liquid seeping into the rich soil, the dead leaves lay there, colored by his vomit. He reached up to wipe the blood away from his lips, when he was overcome by another wave of nausea and he doubled over again, heaving. He had already thrown up the small amount bloodewyne that he had consumed earlier, and now his empty stomach only contracted as the waves cascaded through him. He breathed in and out, harsh gasps as he worked hard to control the convulsions of the muscles inside of him. The tears streamed steadily down his face unchecked. Never had he felt such pain, such utter loss in his heart and being. The news of his mother and father's death from the mercenary's camp had not hurt this much. The witnessed death of his mentor, Renouk did not hurt this badly either. He felt completely empty, as if there was nothing else to go on doing.

Li Zor slumped down, and sat on the forest ground, leaning his back against the tree. He looked up into the night sky, and the tears that were falling down his face entered his mouth. The stinging saltiness of his own blood awakened the Hunger within him. He grit his teeth and fought hard to keep it under control. Long minutes passed. The need to feed was festering within him, growing with each fleeting moment of. Li Zor tried to think of things from his past that would occupy his mind, but he kept returning to this evening's occurrences. The Hunger won the battle against his beleaguered mind. He felt his body move of it's own volition, rising from the sitting position he had been in. He moved slowly and cautiously through the tangled underbrush, gliding around areas that would cause too much noise. The Hunt was on.

Time passed and the night wore on, as he hunted through the forest. He came across a couple of squirrels and a raccoon family that sensed what he was and ran away. The forest was getting thinner, the underbrush not so thick and the trees becoming further and further apart. He stumbled out into a clearing, the Hunger causing his red eyes to glow with a preternatural power. His sight had increased and he was able to make out each of the trees in complete detail. Night was as day to him now, and he looked around the clearing noting immediately that it was more than what it seemed. It was a pathway.[ Continue ]

Written by Philip Sr