And Humanity Falls... (Part 1)

Li Zor had stood there, crushed, the bouquet of red roses wilting as he held them. His heart was already broken, and he felt the shattered pieces fall down into the pit of his stomach. His open mouth did nothing to conceal the surprise that he felt at her words: "I am already married, Li." Those few words were all that it had taken to change everything he had thought to be true.

He stood there. He could do nothing else. The candle and torchlight flickered across his features, shadowing his face from those who stood around. His clan brothers, and sisters remained in abject silence. Some of them understood his immediate pain, and others did not. Some of them openly stared at him, while the rest did their best to avoid looking at him. The wooden floors of Haven creaked with the various shuffling of feet that occurred. The bartender continued to shine the glasses, and goblets that he just finished washing. The smell of old dried blood, spilled alcohol, and the acrid smoke of the torches and candles became slowly unbearable to him. The noxious mixture adding to the growing numbness inside of him, Li Zor turned his head to the floor, his eyes finding a knot of wood that had not been taken out and focusing on it.

He had spent the last few evenings, learning with his new clan brothers and sisters the powers that were inherent in his bloode. The Soul Assassin were helpful to him, as each revealed what they knew to him in bits and pieces. Several had openly given him suggestions, while most had answered in riddles for him to unravel as he grew in power. He had received special training with his lord, Sempronous Solurex on the use of the power of the Pentagonian. He had practiced long and hard, and had finally gained some mastery over a portion of his legacy. The errors he had committed were contained within Sempronous' watchful gaze. He had concentrated on her, and had resolved to make her proud of him when she returned from her Hunt. Her Hunts would sometimes last for days at a time, but he never worried about if she would return, only when. His every waking moment was focused on what would make her happy with him, proud of him so that he would see that smile on her face. The smile that he felt was reserved for only him. [ Continue ]

Written by Philip Sr