Inspiration...Part 1A

The Smell of cinnamon intoxicated my mind. I knew right there that this day would not be like any other I had experienced. It's like having a glimpse into the future but not your own...a joke without a punch know all the other jazz..I was just one of those days..

Where to begin..where to begin...oh yes...

The smell of cinnamon intoxicated my mind. I knew right there that this day was going to be like no other. I had the same dream I've had for weeks. My only saving grace and escape from my alternate dreams..was the crack of dawn which hinted through the blinds. I use to sleep with the blinds closed..I guess now in mortality I have gotten lazy and left them open. The sun was always marvelous in the crack of dawn. My room faced the sun for some horrid reason. But I suppose now it didn't matter. The sun would beam through the window and crash upon my still pale sleeping face.. the glow of my skin almost holy as the sun pulled at my eyelids forcing me awake..telling me sleeping any further would be pointless. And who is to argue with the sun?

Lets move on to the dream...Yes the dream. I suppose everyone has dreams they remember..everyone has dreams over and over and everyone has dreams that feel so real they make you absolutely sick in the morning..What makes me so different from them? The feeling I get after the dream...But shall we discuss that later..?

The dream was consistent. Like the ticking of a clock. tick toc..tick toc..tick toc..tick toc..Almost as annoying as one but that's not the kicker..the kicker is ironically that is how it began..the dream that is..with the ticking of the clock. An old grandfather clock would begin to tick toc and I would arise as if it was beckoning me.

I can't remember if I looked in a mirror..Though I always think afterwards I should..I never do each dream. After rising..I'd change into a maroon silk dress..It looked much like the one fatal had given me... Fatal...-sighs happily-.. The memories behind it are so fuzzy..I wish I understood why..but that isn't the point..   [ Next ]

Written by Lil Darkness