How It Began

Called from the night, a protector comes hearing the cry of a small child from the darkness. A being is formed taking the name ShadowWolfBlade. Finding the body of a young Assamite who was recently killed, ShadowWolfBlade took it over and followed the voice that called him. The girl's name was Calista Railla, a young mortal daughter of SkyFlame L@Court and Artemis Railla, granddaughter of Drago L@Court. ShadowWolfBlade continued following the voice until he came about the grand estate of Eternal Nights seeing the young girl crying. SWB to the form of a wolf as that is the form he felt most comfortable with and walked over to the girl and nuzzled her. Telling her he was there to protect her. So he did with his life from the dark God who had raped her. Over the months Calista grew and was one day changed into a beautiful woman by her GrandFather Drago L@Court. SWB seeing how beautiful she was finally revealed himself to her as the young ebony skinned man that he was, for he was falling in love with her. With the declaring of love for her and she for him, SWB asked to join the L@Court Family seeking out Lord Drago. He promised his Loyalty to Him and the Family bloode above all, was his decree.  [ Close Window ]

written by ShadowWolfBlade L@Court