Part 1: The Heroes Unite

In the dining hall of the castle set the king and nobles and knights and the honored few that where invited to the feast. The anniversary of the Great War's end, and the rebirth if Eliah. The meal was simming down and the king called for entertainment. A lowly bard was brought forth and started to play his hymn and singing of the mysterious hero's behind the holy warriors of the Great war waged over 500 years ago. The song magical and mysterious makes you drift off to a time long ago.....

The town's simple present hero, Gar Starlet, was returning to town from running off a small band of goblins. He was a sturdy man, 6 foot in height and about 230 pounds in weight, well built, to endure the fights. His long brown hair tied in back and some hair hung from his head along the sides of his face. His chain mail shimmered but shows it's worn nature in it's nicks and dents. His broad sword hang on his hip, his father's sword before him, and his grand fathers before that and so on.

Gar headed to the city tavern first to get a mug of ale, and hear the local gossip. The bar was a shady place, but comfortable none the less. All kinds gathered here, adventurers, paladins, priests, and even the thieves. He took his usual seat at the a table in the back, and ordered his mug of ale. Listening to those around him hearing tales of wayward adventures and risky deals. The only unusual man there was sitting off from the crowd, with a large book open writing. The man was wrapped in robes and his face hidden, a mysterious fellow for sure.

This went on for the better part of a hour. Eventually a strange sight indeed, the local Bishop, a Priest and a Paladin entered the bar. They looked around then walked over to Gar. The bishop asked politely if he may sit down because he had a "job" to offer him. Gar had no problems with this, and they sat down and talked.[ Continue ]

written by Anthony