Descent Of Chaos - [.ghost.]

PART ONE: Chaos Rising

The summer wind was whipping relentlessly in the midafternoon. The hot breeze of the season's breath moving in and around between the few trees that surrounded the strangely barren land. In a small section of a mountain area, the ground was blackened as if it had been scorched by an immense and constant flame. There was no grass or other signs of life form, the rocks were blasted and charred, the dirt was little more than charcoal and ash. The trees were also similar to the surrounding features, holding no life they had an eerie look about them and cast dreadful shadows upon the ground.

The small boy lifted from his kneeling position, his hand absently rubbing along his pant leg to cleanse it of the shadowed residue left by the small, palm sized rock that he had picked up. Standing straight up now, his eyes wander thoughtfully across the wasteland as he took another step hesitantly forward. The boy being from one of the few surrounding mountain tribes, having left to seek out a name by completing some deed or action that he could return to his home with and be granted the honor of reaching manhood. Being of the age of no more than thirteen, he had wishes of coming out and fighting a wolf or perhaps besting a boy from one of the neighboring villages, but all he found was the strange land he walked across now.  [ Continue ]

written by [.ghost.]