A fixed point in time, the place between existence and the end.

This is where it all goes terribly wrong.

A faint gust of wind made its way invisibly through the night sky, flowing gently around buildings, washing them in oxygen, and continuing onward. It tugged at the hair and clothes of the people on the streets below, slick with the rains of earlier. It went on and on, seeming endless in its float, but the real point here is it made contact with the flesh of Darius, cooling his fevered, sweating brow.

An hour, a week, a lifetime ago.

He lay in a heap on the rooftop of one of the twin towers, drenched by rain, his eyes closed, his body twisted almost unnaturally. Periodic short purple arcs of something that looked like electricity - but wasn't - rippled over his still form. He was breathing, just barely. Moments ago it was something of a different story, and his fractured mind was struggling to keep up with the repairs to his body, in the interim he dimly relived what had happened moments before.

This is the hate that resides within one man.  [ Continue ]

Written By Eric C. ('Ric)