The Fairy Tale Ends

Once Upon a Time... 
Looking through my life's worthless story, 
Knowing that the book will soon close. 
Hoping for an answer, 
Before the last question is finally posed. 
Thinking about the fairy tales, 
I believed in when I was small. 
Growing up to fast, 
Not understanding my short lived life; at all. 

As the enchanted tale draws near it's end, 
No one knows about the terror inside, 
The lack of love, 
The loss of pride. 
The story climax has already arose, 
Nothing for the little girl, 
But foreseeing truth is made light, 
Knowing someone will live happily ever after; this dying night. 

Hoping through my tragic end, 
Someone will begin to grasp my point, 
I know that this is the wrong way out, 
But to rebuild, With shadows and secrets can't go on 
No more tears need to be drawn. 
My innocent world, Is locked away. 
I'm just a small girl trapped within this shaken cell, 
Trying to live and breath, 
Knowing I will probably die in this; annihilated hell.

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written by Squeak