Executioner's Song
Chapter two: Lone Survivors

Far off in a place still virtually untouched, among the trees and running rivers that graced the beautiful valley enshrouded by forest,in a place known as The Dominion to many and rarely ventured through even though two families once called the serene place home a group of travelers found  peace for the first time in weeks since the war began,being constantly on the run and facing skirmish after skirmish was taking its toll upon the group. The sun was setting and a warm breeze was moving through the pine scented air, the faint running of distant rivers laced the air quietly. Wearing a black cloak with the hood pushed back and padded armor clothing made of black leather and metal, Symphony walked calmly holding up Maharet who had taken an arrow for her during a fight. Maharet's simple brown cotton gown was stained red on the side from the wound and her fiery red hair brushed the air when a breeze passed through, still injured she required only a little add to continue moving.

Following closely behind and looking over her shoulder and about from time to time followed Xamshaa who was marked for death and considered a rogue among the infernal. Her blonde hair was tied back and her infernal armor damaged with dents and talon marks, the black metal looked as if it had been thrown off a cliff. Walking a little head of the group Pagan kept watch while quietly smoking a clove in thought, the last battle was too close for them and one had been lost in the battle. His brown leather coat rested about his shoulders and his clothes were dingy from tumbling down a hill after an explosion.     [ Continue ]

written by Walter Williams