Stir of Echoes - part 1

She didn't want to wake up. But, she felt the tugging in her mind, incessant, commanding, calling her. Americus had stood, a marble statue for over 16 centuries, making her almost as old as Christ Himself. Encased in a marble stone, she found her rest, her solace, in nothing.

After the Great War between the Pharaoh Neferkare II, of the 8th dynasty, when the more centralized government was broken down gradually, the kings having over lapping reigns. The people, though fearful, knew this. They knew that after Montuhotep established order from his capital at Thebes, Neferkare would ultimately try to do the same.

The people came storming into the great home of her beloved Nekerfare, to whom she acted as high priestess, and lover, and murdered him. She remembered watching from the shadows as there torches lit every corner, looking for her. To them, she was evil, she knew darkness. Knew....darkness. She was ...darkness to them.

But in their fear, they were more determined to destroyed her, so she made herself a statue, one of the last rites she would perform, until someone had the power to break it, and bring her back.  [ Next ]

Written by Alicia