Delusions? Arrogance? Genius? All of the above?

He honestly wasn't interested in any of this, but still, he found himself neck-deep in the same old shit. Why, oh why, he always came back to this line of thinking was beyond him. Save the facts as they were in themselves, that he was choking on such humor every time he came back here. He was beginning to wonder if he'd be laughing for eternity. 

Most people have no conception of what really flows around them. Most people can sit there in the middle of a park, or in their car as they drive through a residential area, and see things as they're *supposed* to be. They'd see dogs, cats, a loving wife and husband, children. Groomed lawns, freshly painted houses, the whole works. Starbucks. The entire world had been pulled over their eyes, they just never saw the truth. Most of the time, it was because the truth was so concealed from them all. Some of the time, it was just their unwillingness to believe.

Alain could do the same things as these befuddled masses, and see something entirely different. He looked at the same scenes, and saw misappropriated souls, a wife beaten into submission by her husband who wasn't even mortal. Children who were half-breeds. Groomed lawns that held dead bodies below their clipped surface. Starbucks, whom he literally *knew* to be owned by a Daemon residing in Seattle. To his mind, the way that all of these people went about their grand delusions made them all even more insane than he was thought to be. No one ever understood. It was always those kinds of beliefs, the delusions that the world was one way, that everyone fit into some neat little category, that always made Alain remind himself why he was thankful for his gift. The truth was, that beliefs were always the causes of any wrongdoing in the world. 

He actually sat and thought about it one day, he had nothing better to do, he was still grounded from playing the very replacement for social interaction: aka, the playstation 2. When you really got to the meat and bones of anything, religion was like the first set of law for human beings. Except he never really thought that any of it was handed down by God. A lot of the trouble with these kinds of things is that they always conflict on some level or another. Look at it closely. God is supposed to be merciful, forgiving, He loves you. He made this world a paradise for you, and your very first ancestors were the ones who spurned it, who made the world what it is today. So, in that case, why would one omnipotent, all-forgiving being do things like sending someone to Hell for an eternity, to burn and rot because they didn't follow a simple set of rules? Alain never got that, his entire reasoning was, as always, it was the fault of the humans. They're the ones who stumbled into Hell, knowing they broke what must've been some kind of grab at fame by Moses (sure, he parted the Red Sea and all that, but it was still another few lines in the ol' book if he came up with more nifty shit for humanity. Metatron wouldn't be up on the mountaintop if he really wanted to talk to someone. Hey, if you climbed that far up a mountain with no life support gear, you'd be hearing shit, too). They disobeyed, they could never be forgiven. Punish them, please. Make them burn and hurt and be subject to unending horrors because they broke the rules, and they weren't going to ever be forgiven. Wait. Back up. God forgives us all. Jesus died for your sins. Isn't the slate cleaned off the instant, if not before, it was ever tarnished? Funny stuff, really. 

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written by 'Ric