I'm Damaged, As I'm Sure You Know, Part five

As Sabra awoke the next night, she found that the tables had been turned once again. The stake was gone from her chest and her strength had been restored with strong Lasombra blood. Rico was still laying next to her, but his mortal form was unconscious. In the corner of the room, the dark shadows swirled, beckoning her to them. Sabra grabbed Rico's form and stepped into the darkness, emerging from it onto a ship in the harbor. She let Rico's form fall to the floor as she looked to the man a few feet away. His name was Cauis Venta and he was there to help her. He had watched from the shadows all that had went on, and he had arranged for several urns of ashes to be delivered to Macy Giovanni. One of the urns supposedly held the ashes of her son Rico, and the others were supposed to contain the ashes of some young Lasombras as a peace offering. Then Cauis knelt beside Rico, wiping his memory clean of all that had happened, and reworking his mind to believe that he was now Nicholas Trevail, Sabra's husband. In essence, Rico Giovanni was dead, and Nicholas, who later preferred to be called Nico, was born that night. Sabra arranged for Nico's embrace by a Gangrel Antitribu and they began to live together and became lovers.

Sabra made sure that Nico bonded with her so that he held a fondness for her and wanted to please her. In the time they spent together, she tried to become everything that he could want, not because she loved him but so that he would love her. Her plans worked and by the time his true memory had returned, he loved her enough to let Rico Giovanni stay dead, content and happy to live his life with her as Nico Trevail.  [ Continue ]

written by Lisa Roberts