I'm Damaged, As I'm Sure You Know, Part four

In early 2001 she was sent to the city she would call home for quite some time. She was called to New York, her mark a senator who was proving to be too cooperative to the wrong people. Due to his excessive, flamboyant nature, it was an easy job and when she was finished, she stayed on in New York, enjoying the corruption of the city. Not long after her arrival in New York, Sabra was approached by a pack to join up with them. They were called The Cartel and led by a man named Stefano Verona. The Cartel was a small group who had dealings in just about everything that was dark and shady in the city. She slowly got to know the members of the Cartel, taking one for a lover for a short time, though still she felt no love in her heart, she took another for a confidant and friend.

The nights began to pass slowly for the times were slow. Sabra grew restless and bored, so with the help of her lover and of her friend, the three set out to disrupt the peace by taking on the powerful family of the city, the Giovanni family. Having done research on the family, she knew that above all, they protected their blood and their family powers of Necromancy, so at her first opportunity, Sabra set out to acquire some of the blood. Her chance came one day when she and her friend in the Cartel were out driving and she noticed a young man wearing the Giovanni crest on his jacket. Sabra quickly stopped the car and pulled the young man inside, taking him to a deserted warehouse with plans on ransoming the young one. While the message with her demands, along with a body part from the boy, were sent to the head of the family, Sabra withdrew two vials of blood from the boy, drinking one and hiding the other. The blood was thick and potent and for a short while she was able to hear the whispers of the dead around her. Before she could collect the ransom, the young man escaped, so the group set out to plan again.  [ Continue ]

written by Lisa Roberts