I'm Damaged, As I'm Sure You Know, part nine

During the next few weeks, Sabra and Kian began trying to find some kind of order in the mess that the Assamite Prince had made of the city. They had to reform a Primogen and find a new office building for the Prince's office. They also moved into a house together. Kian had asked Sabra to marry him and she was urged by her Sabbat superiors to accept. Their reasoning was that a man would tell his wife things he wouldn't tell others and a wife could influence a man's decisions better than anyone. Sabra wondered if she should feel bad for what she was doing, but every time she felt the smallest twinges of guilt she thought about the past and used her anger and hurt to push the guilt feelings out. For all outward appearances she was a reformed Sabbat and a Lasombra Antitribu and only she and her supervisors knew otherwise.

Something else had come about in those weeks. Lateralis had found out that Sabra had moved in with her new fiancÚ, the new Prince of New York. His first reaction was one of violence, setting off an explosive in Sabra's townhouse which reduced it to rubble. His next move was a little more thought out. Lateralis set out to find a challenger for the position of Prince. It wasn't long before the man was chosen by Lateralis, and not long after that, word was brought to Sabra and Kian about the planned takeover by a Nosferatu spy. The Nosferatu didn't know who the challenger would be, but that he was being pushed by Lateralis and that Lateralis was funding the operation through his position at Chotronics. As Kian worried and kept a low profile, Sabra formulated a plan of her own. She spoke with her Samedi friend and told her of the plot, asking her to find out information on who Lateralis was backing. Next, Sabra set up a meeting with Alain Deenial.

Sabra and Alain met at the docks in the harbor to discuss the business. Sabra told him that she was interested in purchasing Chotronics and Alain confessed to her that he had been looking for a way to get rid of it. Sabra purchased the million dollar company for a handful of pennies, literally. As the meeting was taking place, Purity was on the other side of town attacking Lateralis. He and one of his associates fought back and finally killed the Samedi. Lateralis then went to look for Sabra, knowing that she was friends with Purity and thinking she had hired the woman to kill him.

Just seconds after the sale of Chotronics was completed, Lateralis emerged from the shadows behind Sabra. She followed Alain's gaze and turned, grinning when she saw who was behind her and she spoke three words to him. "Lat, you're fired". When Lateralis realized what she was talking about, he and Sabra fought. It was a long battle and in the end, they were both tired but alive. They also achieved a bit of mutual respect for each other and a sort of unspoken truce. The Nosferatu spy soon brought word to Sabra and Kian that the plans by Lateralis to remove Kian from office had been dropped. [ Continue ]

written by Lisa Roberts