I'm Damaged, As I'm Sure You Know, part eight

For the next two weeks, they stayed on the boat and they planned. The Camarilla was willing to give Sabra a clean slate for all her crimes so long as she helped remove to Assamite Prince from power. Sabra was now being hunted by the Prince, and she knew the only way to stop the hunt was to help. The only problems were the Sabbat and Kian. She knew that by helping the Camarilla, she was jeopardizing her standing in the Sabbat, and even though during the two weeks on the boat, Kian and she had bonded with each other, she still didn't trust him. He had confessed that he had never stopped loving her, that he still loved her then as much as ever, but the years had changed her and things were different for her. So she guarded herself against Kian, telling him what he wanted to hear and never letting herself get too close to him. Then she set up a meeting with her superiors in the Sabbat. As he had once played the double agent and used her as the pawn, she would now do the same to him. Her superiors liked her ideas. She would help get the Assamite Prince out of office and replace her with Kian as Prince, then Sabra would report back to the Sabbat as well as influence the Prince in ways that would benefit the Sabbat.

So they set the plan into action. Within days, information from Camarilla spies came to Kian. The Prince had a small army of guards, but three were hers personally. The three guards were a constant to her, with her while she slept, while she was awake, always. On the night Sabra and Kian decided to act, they both fed well, then Sabra used what she knew of vicissitude to fleshcraft her appearance. With Kian's help, when she was finished she looked like a twin to one of the three guards.

Together, Sabra and Kian went to the Prince's building. In disguise, Sabra was able to walk right in, pulling Kian along as her "prisoner". Once inside the building, they first had to find the guard that Sabra had chosen to imitate. Luck was on their side and they found him quickly and he was alone, running an errand for the Prince. Sabra and Kian quickly killed him and threw his body into a closet and set it on fire. Once the fire was set, they had only a short amount of time and they had mass chaos as the fire alarms started going off. Armed with the guard's AK47, Sabra and Kian ran up the stairs to the floor the Prince's office was on. Guards were flooding the halls by then and the two quickly pushed their way through them, finally coming to the Prince herself, who was armed with a Scimitar. Sabra had the element of surprise working for her, for when she hit the Prince with the butt of the gun, the Prince was shocked that one of her most trusted guards would turn on her like that. The Prince dropped the Scimitar, stunned and in pain from the blow, and swung her fist at Sabra, except Sabra had ducked to grab the Scimitar, so the Prince hit Kian instead, knocking him unconscious. The Prince never got another chance to hit Sabra because as she grabbed the Scimitar, she arced it upward, severing the Prince's head.[ Continue ]

written by Lisa Roberts