I'm Damaged, As I'm Sure You Know, part seven

The city of New York was in a strange situation. It was currently a Camarilla city but the prince was an Assamite who had taken over the city by force. The Camarilla allowed this, but kept a watchful eye on the city and the Prince, who had an agenda of her own. To hide her agenda though, every once in awhile she had to appear to be upholding the Camarilla Traditions. When the news got out that Sabra had broken one of those traditions with the diablerization of Mia Giovanni, the Prince decided to come visit. She showed up at Sabra's townhouse with a small army of guards, walking in and firing one shot, no words spoken. The shot hit Sabra in the forehead, torporing her instantly.

When she was brought to from the torpor, she was given just enough blood to heal herself, still leaving her body weak from the loss of blood and trauma. She was bound to a table and the Assamite Prince was standing over her. The choice she offered Sabra was simple. Sabra could join her, work for her in creating a new Assamite stronghold in the city, or she could stay there and die. As she lay there and thought about it, being forced into service, she shook her head and told the Prince no. As soon as Sabra got the word out, a shot was fired into her chest and the prince with her guards left Sabra there to die, too weak to stop the blood flow and heal the wound. [ Continue ]

written by Lisa Roberts